Making a Difference: Action Research for a Change

I can't sleep, but there are dreams. What you must do is go back, get a simple place, move in and you are there. The situation is there. You start with this and let it grow. You know your goal. It will build its own structure and take its own form. You can go to school all your life, you’ll never figure it out because you are trying to get an answer that can only come from the people in the life situation.
                                                                                                               -Myles Horton (1983), on Co-Founding Highlander Folk School

We invite you to join us in Knoxville, Tennessee where our conference theme, MAKING A DIFFERENCE: ACTION RESEARCH FOR A CHANGE, will draw inspiration from the history of Highlander Education and Research Center, and the legacy of change that it has spawned. The epigraph from Myles Horton above refers to his founding of the Highlander Folk School, but also speaks to unique contexts and a focus on interaction that are broadly understood elements of the of diverse field of action research.

As with Action Research, this will not be your typical conference. This will be a platform for Inter-Action. Dialogue will be our primary form of interaction with skilled facilitators encouraging participants to join the action and to think together collaboratively.

Presentations are limited to short time frames so conference attendees can be actively involved in facilitated dialogue in each session. Poster presentations will be displayed during a boxed lunch session so participants will have time to mingle and network with presenters. Also new this year, we will have PechaKucha presentations. These presenters will show 20 slides, for 20 seconds each, and talk for a total of approximately 6.5 minutes with 45 minutes allotted for dialogue following. For further information on PechaKucha visit and examples HERE and HERE.

With four conference tracks, there will be something for everyone. Conference tracks are: Action Research for Social Change, Action Research for Pedagogical Change, Action Research for Change in helping Professions, and Action Research for Change… in Action!

In addition to these engaging presentations, we have an exciting schedule of activities including Bar-B-Que and bourbon tasting, live music, and an International Reception where participants will have plenty of options to learn, play, think, and act together.


NOTE: Los servicios de traducción al español estarán disponibles para conferencias magistrales y paneles.